Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sell Utah Mineral Rights FAST

Production of oil and gas in Uintah occurs mostly in the Uintah Basin, primarily in Duchesne County and Uintah County. Production is many decades old. The first commercial production was in 1948 and, gradually, exploration built an industry that hit a peak in 1984. From 2003 to 2014, a resurgence of oil and gas production occurred but since, it's fallen off the cliff, falling to where it was in the mid-eighties.

Sell Utah mineral rights?

Some are fortunate to own mineral rights, and this article is speaking of oil and gas rights, not hard minerals such as sand, gravel or coal. Mineral rights are typically leased to an oil company (oil and/or gas company) because drilling oil and gas wells is hugely expensive. Modern oil/gas wells cost several million dollars apiece just to find out if anything is there down below, and millions more to complete and establish production in commercial quantities.

If one owns mineral rights or royalties and drilling has occurred, royalty checks starting coming in from the production. The oil company drills and operates the well(s), the royalty owner (mineral rights owner) enjoys a royalty check from time to time, often monthly. This royalty varies between one-eighth to one-quarter of the value of the oil/gas produced. It is likely to come from one of several active companies in Duchesne County or Uintah County, Utah. Companies include:
  • Bill Barrett Corp
  • Crescent Point
  • EP Energy (El Paso)
  • Finley Resources
  • Kerr McGee
  • Newfield Production Company
  • Ultra Resources

The companies listed above are not mineral rights buyers, they are exploration and production companies, commonly called 'operators' in the oil and gas industry.

A search of production records reveals that all wells drilled since mid-2017 from the operators above have yielded both oil and natural gas. A lot of modern wells produce a pretty balanced mix. Most modern wells in this part of Utah utilize 'horizontal drilling' and 'fracking' to extract oil and gas from various formations deep below ground. Without these two techniques, oil and gas production would be a fraction of what it is today. It is largely a safe practice, having been perfected over several decades involving tens of thousands of very expensive wells!

So, what should one do, is selling Utah mineral rights a good idea? Each case is different and many factors come into play for someone who owns mineral rightss but suffice to say, cash money in hand, rather than a hope and a prayer, has real world value, today. People sell for many reasons.

Perhaps they inherited it and really don't understand oil and gas royalties, it's confusing. It could be because they are tired of dealing with the attendant paperwork, or just too much hassle. Often, it's because they want to buy this or that with the cash settlement, the lump sum, rather than wait for royalty checks to dribble in. Or they want to settle up their estate, as they are elderly. As for getting a lump sum check, it's especially appealing if the royalty checks have dwindled. Sometimes, selling royalty rights can bring a nice payday, it depends on the potential for future profit for the buyer. But dwindling royalty checks is a common reason to sell. Such is the plight of oil and gas royalties... over time, they always decline, because oil and gas wells are depleting assets from day one.

A big reason for to sell Utah mineral rights (or any mineral rights) is because it removes all risk. Oil and gas exploration and production is anything but certain. Plans (for oil companies) change. Things sometimes go wrong. Exploration or production in an area might present unforeseen problems at the time drilling initially occurred. Things happen. So, taking a lump sum payout removes all risk because nothing is more certain than cash money. Believe me, not all purchases turn out well for the buyer. It's a gambler's game.

If you wish to sell mineral rights in Utah, contact me, and we can get a sale completed really quickly after you provide information about what you own. It's not a difficult process if you're dealing with a professional with a lot of experience, and I have a lot... over forty years at this! I don't know why I keep doing it, I can only say that I like doing it, I like dealing with people and giving them money, lol. I can complete a sale quickly, it is much, much faster than doing a real estate deal. We just have to pass some papers back and forth to transfer ownership and get you your lump sum cash paycheck.

More information about selling Utah mineral rights, especially Duchesne county mineral rights or Uintah county mineral rights, can be found here.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Selling Mineral Rights In Amite County Mississippi

Mostly through inheritance, many people own mineral rights in Amite County, Mississippi. A lot of people are surprised to learn that they own the mineral rights or "oil rights" when an oil company landman gives the a call to secure an oil and gas lease. Nice surprise!

Certain tracts of land in that part of Wilkinson County, Amite County and southwest Pike County right along the Louisiana line might be prospective for oil and gas exploration. It is part of an oil 'play' called the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale or "TMS" for short. The TMS is a geologic formation that is known to contain oil but as of yet, has not proven itself to be widely commercial. "Commercial" meaning it makes a profit for the oil company drilling wells in that area.

The TMS has seen dozens of wells drilled over the past couple of decades. Some production was found and in a few places, it's pretty good, as far as oil wells go. In a lot of places, it's not good. Drilling has identified an area that will produce oil, it's just a matter of can the oil companies do it and make a profit. So far, they have tucked their tails between their legs and ran away!

But one company from Australia is willing to take another shot at it. The company is called Australis Oil & Gas Limited and they have formed a subsidiary to try the TMS called Australis TMS Inc. The company bought the oil leases owned by Encana Corporation, one of the companies that gave up.

Another company which has already tried many times in the TMS by drilling deep, expensive wells after securing oil leases from mineral rights owners is Goodrich Oil. They still hold quite a leasehold in the play. Here's to hope that Australis or Goodrich (or somebody!) can figure it out.

If you own mineral rights in southern Amite County (oil rights) or southeast Wilkinson County along the Louisiana line and don't wish to wait any longer for something great to happen in the TMS, you can also sell mineral rights and enjoy sure-thing cash. In some instances, it does not matter if your tract is leased or not. You may be able to sell either way. There is no way to know if the TMS will work out or not, so, for many, it's a great way to enjoy a big cash payday. Or, you can also sell, say, half of your oil rights and gamble with the other half that the TMS turns out good!

To find out if selling mineral rights in Amite County or selling mineral rights in Wilkinson County is an option for you, contact me through the form at the Upper Right section of this page or give me a call and I'll be glad to discuss it with you. Phone number is 318-426-0909.

Good luck to all!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Natural Gas Price Settlement Date

Natural gas contracts and pricing are pretty complicated but here is my take on something royalty owners should be aware of regarding how pricing affects them month to month.

Many mineral owners / royalty owners are paid royalties on natural gas wells, or oil wells that also produce natural gas. And many have the erroneous perception, or assumption, that the wildly fluctuating natural gas futures price is cause for great angst. In large part, I don't think it really works that way. Natural gas futures prices indirectly affect the natural gas settlement price which is posted before the first of each month. What is the settlement price?

Royalty owners are usually paid based on one price for the entire month, and most natural gas contracts that their oil well or gas well operator is subject to are based on the settlement price which was set for the subject month. I don't know who makes the settlement price... some Grand Wizard Of Natural Gas... but it's posted online on various websites.

When is the natural gas settlement price posted? Answer -- it is posted upon the close of the market on the third business day before the first of the next month. So, for the July 2017 settlement price, for example, it will be posted in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 28, 2017. 

Once a settlement price is posted, you can quit worrying about the volatility of prices for almost a whole month. All the futures price does is give you heartburn. Although, as mentioned, futures price trends do affect future settlement prices. But if price goes down a lot early in the month, there's a chance it could rise back up before month's end. Usually, the settlement price will be pretty close to the futures price at the end of the month; although, I have seen it be several percent lower, to my chagrin!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sell East Texas Mineral Rights

Do you own mineral rights (oil and gas rights) in East Texas? We buy minerals all over the USA and to broaden our risk, we are increasing our portfolio of mineral rights and royalty rights there. it doesn't matter to us whether there is an existing oil and gas lease. So, if you wish to sell East Texas mineral rights whether leased to an oil company or not, please contact us.

For the next year or two, several East Texas counties are in our expansion area:
  • Angelina County
  • San Augustine County
  • Nacogdoches County
  • Shelby County
  • Panola County
  • Harrison County
There are numerous oil companies / gas companies which own wells in this part of Texas. The largest is XTO Energy, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil. Here is a more complete list of some of the operators which have oil or gas wells in the area: • BP America Production Company • Cci East Texas Upstream LLC • Chevron U. S. A. Inc. • Comstock Oil & Gas, LP • Covey Park Resources LLC • Glassell Producing Company, Inc. • Harleton Oil & Gas Inc. • Indigo Minerals LLC • Memorial Production Oper. LLC • Patara Oil & Gas LLC • Pedernales Petroleum Op, LLC • Petroquest Energy, L.L.C. • R. Lacy Services, LTD. • Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation • Samson Lone Star, LLC • Sheridan Production Company, LLC • Tanos Exploration II, LLC • Trivium Operating, LLC • Valence Operating Company • XTO Energy Inc.

We are very active and certainly can serve as your mineral rights buyer in San Augustine county and the other counties. Let us know if you are interested in selling East Texas mineral rights, regardless where they are. We can buy mineral rights if they are not producing any income or those that are also producing royalties from an oil and gas lease.

You can also check this website, as it provides additional information. To recap, you may definitely sell East Texas mineral rights in Angelina County, sell San Augustine County mineral rights or royalty rights (sell oil and gas rights), and also in Nacogdoches County, Panola County, Shelby County and Harrison County, Texas. We can purchase as little as a few acres for those selling mineral rights in San Augustine county and the other counties. Please contact us and let's discuss!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Selling Oklahoma Mineral Rights

Oklahoma is an oil and gas producing state. There are several regions. The largest is called the Anadarko Basin. Over the past few years, a couple of new areas have been named in central Oklahoma, namely the STACK and the SCOOP. Since the turn of the last century, mineral rights have been bought and sold and now, mineral owners in the STACK and SCOOP are accepting cash offers. If you are interested in selling Oklahoma mineral rights or in selling royalties, we might be able help. We are talking about oil rights and gas rights when we speak of mineral rights and royalties.

For the next several months, there are several counties in our focus area:

  • Blaine County
  • Dewey County
  • Major County
  • Kingfisher County
  • Canadian County
  • Grady County
  • McClain County
  • Stephens County
  • Garvin County

We might also be interesting serving as your mineral rights buyer for surrounding counties for those listed above. Just check with us if you have any interest in selling Oklahoma mineral rights, regardless of location. We can buy producing properties, meaning you are receiving royalties, and also non-producing properties, meaning you are not drawing off an oil well or gas well. For further information, you can also review this site, as it has a more extensive listing. Bottom line is that you can definitely sell Oklahoma mineral rights in Blaine County, Dewey County, Major County, Kingfisher County, Canadian County, Grady County, McClain County, Stephens County and Garvin County. Please contact us.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Royalty Deduction Ripoffs

Royalty Deductions, Circa 2016

Chesapeake, Samson, Memorial Resources, and other oil and gas operators have taken on some shady accounting methods. Mineral and royalty owners are losing a lot of money! Here's how.

Let's say Henry Hub natural gas price is $3.00. Let's assume that your operator's natural gas price is equivalent to the Henry Hub price. It might be higher or lower but we'll use that for simplicity. On your check stub, the oil company might show the gross price as $2.40. Well, guess what. By the stroke of a pen, $.60 just evaporated. And nobody even knows it unless they examine their check stub. $.60 divided by $3.00 is 20%. You just lost 20% right there. And then they have the audacity to make deductions on the stub beyond that. They might charge you for severe compression, dehydration or "transportation" charges. You may end up losing 1/3, 40%, even more by their shady accounting deductions. It didn’t use to be this way! Prior to the "shale revolution," operators might make minor deductions on natural gas checks... a few percent. It's getting worse with these modern-day royalty deductions. With some of this stuff, it is out and out fraud. And now, numerous lawsuits abound, and with good reason.

Some mineral owners / royalty owners have a "cost-free" clause in the oil & gas lease. This is a good thing, but still, companies like Chesapeake might just ignore it and make you sue them. Bad company! If you sign a new lease, make sure to get a good oil & gas attorney that practices oil and gas law IN YOUR STATE and have him/her draw up the strongest "cost-free royalty" clause one can devise! And hope they honor it.

Now, beyond that rant, realize that the Henry Hub is a broad generalization of what regional gas prices could be. The company might have a contract that is somewhat different. It is not simple, but believe me, CHK and other companies are ripping off mineral owners. In some states, one can join a class action suit, and that can be a good thing. Nobody likes lawsuits but these companies are ripping people off. We are being "pencil-whipped" with these bogus "transportation charges."

So far, I haven't noticed such royalty deductions with oil production, it's just for natural gas. Here is to hope that they don't start ripping us off with deductions on our oil checks!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sell Mineral Rights In Reeves County Texas

Reeves County, Texas is in an oil and gas producing region called the Delaware basin, which is the western portion of the Permian basin. It's capital city is Pecos. Oil and gas wells have been drilled there for several decades. Some people who own mineral rights in Reeves County have earned nice royalties from time to time. And selling mineral rights rather than holding on is an option. Each mineral owner's needs are different.

Recently, Apache Corporation drilled several wells in Reeves County and has established production of both oil and gas. So, what is the best position for a mineral owner? Should you elect to sell mineral rights you own or hold on for a payday? There is no simple answer. Mineral rights include the rights to oil and gas royalties. Which may or may not occur on your tract. For more on selling royalty rights (sell royalties -- the right to enjoy income from oil and gas production), here is more info.

The oilfield is fraught with risk and field development can take decades. As drilling progresses, production history might not be as rosy as first thought. Or, the price of oil or gas could crash, making rapid development cease. Politics can hamper development. Even competing energy sources, such as solar and wind, are gaining, and fast. Many risks are part of the picture. So, whether selling mineral rights or not is the right decision is a tough call. But the time required to earn significant money can make it an easy decision if one needs cash today. By holding out, there is no way to know if and when your tract will get drilled. It could easily be 20 years or even longer. And if nearby drilling produces poor results, it could condemn your acreage of virtually or even totally worthless. Risks in Reeves County are every real, and include more geological risk than in other areas due to a more complex local geology.

For mineral owners who want or need some extra cash for this or that, selling mineral rights in Reeves County, Texas can offer a solution. One can even sell a small portion of what is owned and keep the rest as a gamble that it will some day pay off even bigger. But, it can be a painless solution to raise cash money and it can be done pretty quickly.

Selling royalty rights for cash money is also available to those who own what is called a non-producing royalty interest (NPRI). The existence of NPRI rights is not than uncommon in Texas, including Reeves County.

By the way, we can also help you with selling mineral rights in counties surrounding Reeves County, Texas -- Culberson County, Jeff Davis County, Pecos County, Ward County, Winkler County and Loving County. Also, Lea County and Eddy County in New Mexico.

For those wanting some extra cash from a lump sum cash settlement, contact us if you are interested in discussing selling mineral rights in Reeves County Texas!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oil Price Risk To Mineral Rights Owners

Many mineral owners take the position that they will hold onto their mineral rights instead of selling them (or part of them) and gamble that they will earn more by holding. And whether they like to admit it or not, it is a gamble. The oil business is fraught with risk and price risk is a huge factor.

In oil and gas producing regions, I have observed an interesting thing about people and that is that they, invariably, will say "Oh, it'll be back," implying that oil prices will recover sooner than later. Oh, really? What about the collapse of 1986? By my account, it was about 17 years until the oil biz health improved dramatically. And 17 years is a very long time! Many a geologist, many an engineer, many a landman changed careers during that crash!

Oil fell a whopping 60% during the crash of 2014. What a disaster! Will it come back soon? Or do you find yourself asking "Should I sell mineral rights" now? I don't know! But take a look at this chart below.

The dark line is crude oil price, the blue line is an INVERSE U.S. Dollar. So, if the dollar strengthen, the line goes down. Notice the amazing correlation (inverse relationship) between crude oil and the dollar. Now, what is the dollar going to do over the next several years. At some point, many people will say that it will crash, that its value is not "real." I know one thing... it's almost impossible to predict! Some are saying that the rally during the spring of 2015 is over, that the dollar will now rise and oil will fall. Your guess is as good as mine regarding what crude oil prices will do long-term. And the relationship to the dollar is just one piece of the huge puzzle that is energy prices!

What does this inability to predict future prices mean to mineral owners? I get tons of inquiries about whether a mineral owner should sell mineral rights or not. Considering that often-asked question about selling mineral rights or not... it can be a very tough decision, with no easy answer, because we can't predict the future. But one thing is for sure -- cash money TODAY versus what might happen in the future can be a great move. If one needs or wants cash for whatever reason, and selling mineral rights can provide that cash, it can be a simple solution. I've sold before and I'm glad I did. I also have held mineral rights long-term. But, I might sell again. I am no spring chicken and cash money is tremendously appealing. We can't take it with us!

If you do have any interest in selling mineral rights or selling royalties, contact me. I have helped a LOT of people do that very thing, from small interests that sell for a few thousand dollars to large deals selling for over a million bucks. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Is Reasonable Term (Length) Of Oil & Gas Lease?

Mineral owners should be aware of how long some oil/gas companies will tie up your minerals via the terms of their lease. The lease primary term is the length of time the lease is in effect during which drilling operations must commence or one of three things will happen...

  1. The Lessee does commence drilling during the primary term and finishes the well. The Lessor would then collect royalties once production begins.
  2. The lease contract might have an option to renew for an additional period, extending the primary term.
  3. The lease will expire.

If your Lessee does drill and hits, the lease will be "held by production" -- "HBP." Hopefully, the Lessee will develop the remainder of your drilling unit in timely fashion. Unless you own minerals under a lot of land, you will not have any control over that. If you do own a lot of contiguous minerals (such as a farm or ranch), you might be able to negotiate continuous drilling operations provisions, which can ensure that additional wells are drilled within a certain time frame.

In most parts of the USA where there is active drilling, it is common to have the oil company offer to lease your land for a primary term of five years. Or maybe three years, plus an option for 2-3 years beyond that. So, the effect is a 5-6 year lease. You always prefer it to be as short a term as possible, but in most cases, five years is reasonable.

However, I have seen some leases where the Lessee is offering to lease for five years, plus a 5-year extension option. THIS IS TOO LONG -- DO NOT SIGN! Ten years is just too long to have your properties tied up.

If you ever get into a position to where you wish to sell mineral rights on your properties, an effective 10-year primary term is going to be very large negative. A mineral buyer is not going to like a 10-year term... that's a long time the Lessee can just sit there and do nothing. And if you never wish to sell mineral rights and just wait it out, ten years is a long time! If you sign that lease, the Lessee has the right to wait until over nine years has passed by before they even start planning to drill you a well. So, don't do it. Negotiate for a 5-year primary term only, with no option to extend.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sell Royalties In West Virginia (Sell Royalty Rights) / Sell Mineral Rights In West Virginia

In West Virginia, like other states in the USA, mineral rights and royalty rights are not owned by the state under a landowner’s land (with a few exceptions); they are owned by the landowner or other individuals. In other countries, normally the sovereign state owns royalty rights, oil rights, gas rights and the right to enjoy mineral rights. Do you own mineral rights or royalty rights in West Virginia? Do you wish to sell mineral rights or sell royalties in West Virginia? We buy mineral rights, so, you can monetize these assets; we will pay a lump sum cash settlement to you. If you have been getting royalty checks from oil wells or gas wells, we can buy them regardless what West Virginia your mineral rights are in. We might choose to buy even if they are not producing royalties at this time. We also buy in other areas of West Virginia and other states but as far as West Virginia goes, we have a focus in the Marcellus shale play and the Utica shale play areas. If you wish to sell Marcellus shale mineral rights or wish to sell Utica shale mineral rights, the following is currently our focus area:

- Sell Royalties Ohio County, West Virginia
- Sell Royalty Rights Marshall County, West Virginia
- Sell Hancock County, West Virginia Mineral Rights
- Sell Gas Royalty Brooke County, West Virginia
- Sell Ritchie County, West Virginia Mineral Rights
- Sell Mineral Rights Doddridge County, West Virginia
- Sell Gas Rights Harrison County, West Virginia - Sell Gas Royalties Wetzel County, West Virginia
- Selling Gas Royalty Rights Tyler County, West Virginia

Are you getting oil royalties or gas royalties from Wetzel County, WV? There are several oil companies or gas companies active, such as Statoil USA, EQT Production, Chesapeake Energy, Stone Energy, Trans Energy and Triad Hunter.

For those wishing to sell mineral rights in Tyler County, WV, some of the above companies are active and we can add Antero Resources and Consol Gas. We buy royalties from those properties, too.

In Harrison County, WV, it’s Antero, Statoil and Consol but also add Enervest, Dominion Transmission, XTO Energy, PDC Mountaineer and Hunt Marcellus to the mix.

Active gas companies in Ritchie County, WV, Antero and EQT are the most active but also include Energy Corporation Of America.

For Doddridge County, WV, gas companies include Jay-Bee Oil & Gas, Antero and EQT Production.

In Marshall County, WV, sell mineral rights for properties operated by CNX Gas Company, Chesapeake Appalachia, Chevron Appalachia, Gastar Exploration, Noble Energy, Trans Energy and Stone Energy.

If you wish to sell royalties from producing gas wells in Brooke County, West Virginia, we are interested; the primary operator is Chesapeake.

For those looking for who buys mineral rights in Ohio County, WV, we do! The active operator is Chesapeake Appalachia.

So, to recap, for those selling West Virginia mineral rights, we will buy properties operated by almost any oil company or gas company but the primary operators are: Chesapeake Appalachia, Statoil USA, EQT Production, Stone Energy, Trans Energy, Triad Hunter, Antero Resources, Consol Gas, Enervest, Dominion Transmission, XTO Energy, PDC Mountaineer, Hunt Marcellus, Energy Corporation Of America, Jay-Bee Oil & Gas, CNX Gas Company, Chevron Appalachia, Gastar Exploration and Noble Energy.

There are other West Virginia counties where you can sell gas royalties, so, please contact us. Some parts of this region of West Virginia are in the Marcellus shale play and some have production from the Utica shale play. If you are interested in selling mineral rights or selling royalty rights (NPRI) in other West Virginia counties, please contact us. (If you wish to sell non-participating royalty rights – NPRI – we can buy most of the time.) In general, you can sell Marcellus mineral rights or sell Utica shale mineral rights to us. For those interested in selling Pennsylvania mineral rights (or selling Pennsylvania gas rights), please contact us. Same goes for selling Ohio mineral rights or selling Ohio royalty rights. It's not hard, we will show you how to sell mineral rights.

”Should I sell my mineral rights?”

Mineral owners sell royalties for many reasons. It could be that they want to buy something or wish to retire. Or maybe their interest is small and they are tired of dealing with the paperwork. Perhaps the well that was drilled is not a good one and there isn’t enough income to make a difference in their life, but a sale would bring a lump sum. All gas wells decline perpetually – they deplete. There is nothing we can do about this! Your royalty check will continue to go down over time. So, don’t depend on it staying up where it was in the early days of production; those are the best months. Also, there is a lot of risk inherent to the oil and gas business. Whatever selling mineral rights or selling royalty rights will bring today… there is no assurance that tomorrow will be the same! Obviously, “should I sell my mineral rights” question does not have a cut and dried answer!

Crashing oil/gas prices are no fun. Or the world could see a new technology that takes over a large part of our energy needs. This is a certainty at some point, we just don’t know when. But when this occurs, the value of mineral rights will go down a lot.

We are a mineral rights buyer, but why do we buy? We buy lots of deals and make our company work by owning a lot of acreage -- thousands of acres crossing several states. This allows us to spread risk. Believe me, every deal we buy does not make money. Some are losers. We just hope to have more winners than losers over time. And we constantly monitor trends, so, we can only hope that we are able to sell out ourselves someday when the oil and gas era is coming to an end. But, who knows, it might be awhile, we just don’t know.

Owning producing mineral rights (you are getting royalty checks), means you can sell. We buy mineral rights anywhere in the USA if it’s in an oil or gas producing region. Ritchie County, Tyler County, Wetzel County, Harrison County and other parts of West Virginia is just where we are focusing for awhile. We have bought and own mineral rights and royalties in Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Kansas and other states.

If you wish to sell mineral rights or sell royalties, contact us. Selling oil rights or selling gas rights is not hard because we do all of the work once you provide your oil and gas lease information. We are not just a mineral buyer in West Virginia and not just a royalty buyer in West Virginia, you can sell royalty rights in many part of the USA.

And for a good explanation of how to sell mineral rights, visit here.

Please call the number below and speak with Bill about a lump sum cash settlement. Bill is congenial and experienced, having bought thousands of acres involving many millions of dollars paid to mineral owners:

(Ask for Bill)
Payday Minerals, LLC
Ph 318-426-0909
Ph 800-664-7650

Or, contact us by using the form below to learn how to sell mineral rights. Give us a good description of what you own in order for to calculate the lump sum cash settlement for your mineral rights or royalty rights (royalties).

>>> CLICK HERE <<< for contact form.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sell Royalties / Selling Mineral Rights In Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

How To Sell Lincoln Parish LA Royalties / Mineral Rights

Are you interested in selling Lincoln Parish mineral rights? Are you wondering who buys mineral rights or who buys royalties in the Terryville field (gas field) or Hico-Knowles field? People have many reasons… they tire of dealing with the paperwork, they want to buy something, perhaps it’s too much trouble, perhaps they need money for some reason and selling mineral rights does not affect their land, etc. Whatever the reason, if you wish to sell royalty rights in Lincoln Parish, we buy there.

The Lincoln Parish, Louisiana parish seat (county seat) is Ruston, LA. The parish has quite a bit of natural gas production, and it is primarily from the Cotton Valley formation and Hosston zone. There are many gas fields in Lincoln Parish, including:

• Hico-Knowles gas field
• Terryville gas field
• Ruston gas field
• West Simsboro gas field
• Choudrant gas field
• Tremont gas field

Who buys mineral rights in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana? Our company will buy royalty rights and also buy mineral rights in Lincoln Parish. If you would like to sell mineral rights or sell royalties located in Lincoln Parish LA, or near the following towns, please contact us:

• Ruston, LA
• Simsboro, LA
• Dubach, LA
• Vienna, LA

We also might wish to buy mineral rights or buy royalty rights in another parish, even if not shown.

Active oil and gas companies in Lincoln Parish include Wildhorse Resources / Memorial Production Partners, Questar (QEP Energy), Nadel & Gussman, XTO Energy, Rabalais Oil and others.

Geological features in Lincoln Parish include the North Louisiana Salt Basin and some anticline structures. There are several productive zones and gas fields but, the Cotton Valley sand is the most widespread zone. The Hosston sand is also found productive in many areas.

Please contact us if you are selling mineral rights from this area; you can also sell gas royalties, too.

Selling mineral rights in Lincoln Parish, LA is not hard! All you really have to do is provide us with basic info about your mineral rights or gas royalties and we do the rest!

Contact Info:

We pay a lump sum for mineral rights and royalties and pay all closing costs. Please call the number below and speak with Bill, an easy-to-work-with expert who has over 35 years experience and has bought thousands of acres and has paid out many millions of dollars to selling mineral owners:

Ph 318-426-0909
Ph 800-664-7650
(Ask for Bill)

You may also fill out the form below if you wish to sell gas rights in Lincoln Parish. If you do so, please describe the mineral rights or royalty rights that you have so that we can properly determine your lump sum payment.

>>> CLICK HERE <<< for contact form.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sell Royalty / Royalties or Sell Mineral Rights, East Texas

Sell Royalty Rights In East Texas (Sell Royalties) / Sell Mineral Rights In East Texas

Mineral rights and royalty rights can be owned by individuals in East Texas (and all parts of the USA), making our country a unique place in the world. In other countries, the sovereign state owns mineral rights and the right to enjoy oil royalties or gas royalties. And if you own mineral rights or royalty rights in East Texas, we can monetize these rights for you and pay you a lump sum cash settlement. We might choose to buy these mineral rights even if they are not producing royalties at this time but if you are receiving royalty checks from oil wells or gas wells, we can buy them regardless of which Texas county they are in. We buy in many areas of Texas and other states but in Texas, we have a focus area of the following at this time:

- Sell Royalties Harrison County, Texas
- Sell Royalty Rights Panola County, Texas
- Sell Shelby County, Texas Mineral Rights
- Sell Mineral Rights San Augustine County, Texas
- Sell Gas Royalty Nacogdoches County, Texas
- Sell Gas Royalties Angelina County, Texas
- Selling Gas Royalty Rights Rusk County, Texas

If you are receiving oil royalties or gas royalties, there are various oil companies that might pay you, such as Devon, Encana, XTO, Goodrich, BP, Chevron, Exco, EOG, Cabot, Faulconer, Anadarko, Chesapeake, BHP Petrohawk, Noble, Shell SWEPI, Crimson, Halcon, Comstock, Sabine, and others. They have various levels of drilling and not all in the same county. For instance, XTO drills in Shelby County, San Augustine County and Nacogdoches County but not much in others. Sabine mainly has wells in Harrison County, Panola County and Rusk County. Encana was formerly active in San Augustine County and Nacogdoches County but has curtailed drilling at this time to focus on other parts of Texas and other parts of the USA.

There are other Texas counties where we have interest, so, check with us, we might be interested. Some parts of the East Texas basin lie in the Haynesville shale and Bossier shale field. Other parts have some production from the Cotton Valley, Hosston / Travis Peak and Pettet formations. The Eagle Ford shale of south Texas has not been found productive in East Texas but we are interested in that area, as well, such as mineral rights or royalty rights (NPRI) in Fayette County, Lavaca County, Gonzales County, Dewitt County, Karnes County, Wilson County, Atascosa County, Live Oak County, McMullen County, La Salle County, Dimmit County, Frio County, Webb County and McMullen County. Likewise, we buy mineral rights and royalties in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Another area is in the Barnett shale region around Fort Worth, such as Wise County, Tarrant County, Johnson County, Parker County, Montague County, Dallas County, Denton County, etc. So, one can sell royalties in San Augustine County or sell gas royalty rights in Nacogdoches County or sell mineral rights in Shelby County (sell oil rights / sell gas rights) but also you can see that we buy in many others areas.

Why sell mineral rights? Some wells drilled in the above described areas have been poor and might be unlikely for further development by the oil companies. Or maybe a decent/good well was drilled but has since largely depleted. Some mineral owners prefer to sell their mineral rights (or part of them) to enjoy a cash infusion. Everyone has different needs but one thing is for sure -- the oil and gas business is fickle, so, sure-thing cash money is appealing. In addition to the well-to-well risks from location to location, there are large factors providing risk to a mineral owner, such as crashing oil/gas prices or a new technological invention that might take over a large part of our energy needs. This will happen some day, it's just a matter of when. But when it does, oil and gas prices will crash and likely never recover to previous levels. When this happens, the value of mineral rights will fall dramatically, as well. We make our operation work by owning thousands of acres across several states. And we are constantly on top of trends, so, we hope to sell out ourselves someday before the oil and gas era ends.

If you own producing mineral rights such that you get royalty checks, you can sell mineral rights for lands in Texas but also anywhere else in the USA. As for why we buy, again, we and partners own a portfolio of thousands of acres of mineral rights and royalty rights across the USA and we constantly add to this portfolio buy paying lump sum cash settlements to mineral owners so that we can spread risk. So, at this time, we need to add more East Texas mineral rights and royalty rights/NPRI. (You can sell NPRI -- non-participating royalty rights.) It's all about our spreading risk because, believe me, not every deal we buy makes us a profit. It's a risky business but we make it work by buying large numbers of deals. Shelby County, San Augustine County, Nacogdoches County, Angelina County and other parts of East Texas is just where we have a focus for awhile. We have bought and own mineral rights and royalties in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and other states.

Please call the number below if you wish to sell mineral rights or sell royalties. Selling gas rights or selling oil rights is easy because we do all of the work once your provide your oil and gas lease info. And remember... we are not just a mineral buyer in San Augustine County or a royalty buyer in Shelby County, you can sell royalty rights in many Texas counties.

There is a Contact Form to the right of this page that you can fill out with your info. Or, send a detailed message via email; see my email below. Please describe what you own and the location. Just give me a little writeup about what royalty rights or mineral rights you own. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address.