Monday, January 12, 2015

Sell Royalty / Royalties or Sell Mineral Rights, East Texas

Sell Royalty Rights In East Texas (Sell Royalties) / Sell Mineral Rights In East Texas

Mineral rights and royalty rights can be owned by individuals in East Texas (and all parts of the USA), making our country a unique place in the world. In other countries, the sovereign state owns mineral rights and the right to enjoy oil royalties or gas royalties. And if you own mineral rights or royalty rights in East Texas, we can monetize these rights for you and pay you a lump sum cash settlement. We might choose to buy these mineral rights even if they are not producing royalties at this time but if you are receiving royalty checks from oil wells or gas wells, we can buy them regardless of which Texas county they are in. We buy in many areas of Texas and other states but in Texas, we have a focus area of the following at this time:

- Sell Royalties Harrison County, Texas
- Sell Royalty Rights Panola County, Texas
- Sell Shelby County, Texas Mineral Rights
- Sell Mineral Rights San Augustine County, Texas
- Sell Gas Royalty Nacogdoches County, Texas
- Sell Gas Royalties Angelina County, Texas
- Selling Gas Royalty Rights Rusk County, Texas

If you are receiving oil royalties or gas royalties, there are various oil companies that might pay you, such as Devon, Encana, XTO, Goodrich, BP, Chevron, Exco, EOG, Cabot, Faulconer, Anadarko, Chesapeake, BHP Petrohawk, Noble, Shell SWEPI, Crimson, Halcon, Comstock, Sabine, and others. They have various levels of drilling and not all in the same county. For instance, XTO drills in Shelby County, San Augustine County and Nacogdoches County but not much in others. Sabine mainly has wells in Harrison County, Panola County and Rusk County. Encana was formerly active in San Augustine County and Nacogdoches County but has curtailed drilling at this time to focus on other parts of Texas and other parts of the USA.

There are other Texas counties where we have interest, so, check with us, we might be interested. Some parts of the East Texas basin lie in the Haynesville shale and Bossier shale field. Other parts have some production from the Cotton Valley, Hosston / Travis Peak and Pettet formations. The Eagle Ford shale of south Texas has not been found productive in East Texas but we are interested in that area, as well, such as mineral rights or royalty rights (NPRI) in Fayette County, Lavaca County, Gonzales County, Dewitt County, Karnes County, Wilson County, Atascosa County, Live Oak County, McMullen County, La Salle County, Dimmit County, Frio County, Webb County and McMullen County. Likewise, we buy mineral rights and royalties in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Another area is in the Barnett shale region around Fort Worth, such as Wise County, Tarrant County, Johnson County, Parker County, Montague County, Dallas County, Denton County, etc. So, one can sell royalties in San Augustine County or sell gas royalty rights in Nacogdoches County or sell mineral rights in Shelby County (sell oil rights / sell gas rights) but also you can see that we buy in many others areas.

Why sell mineral rights? Some wells drilled in the above described areas have been poor and might be unlikely for further development by the oil companies. Or maybe a decent/good well was drilled but has since largely depleted. Some mineral owners prefer to sell their mineral rights (or part of them) to enjoy a cash infusion. Everyone has different needs but one thing is for sure -- the oil and gas business is fickle, so, sure-thing cash money is appealing. In addition to the well-to-well risks from location to location, there are large factors providing risk to a mineral owner, such as crashing oil/gas prices or a new technological invention that might take over a large part of our energy needs. This will happen some day, it's just a matter of when. But when it does, oil and gas prices will crash and likely never recover to previous levels. When this happens, the value of mineral rights will fall dramatically, as well. We make our operation work by owning thousands of acres across several states. And we are constantly on top of trends, so, we hope to sell out ourselves someday before the oil and gas era ends.

If you own producing mineral rights such that you get royalty checks, you can sell mineral rights for lands in Texas but also anywhere else in the USA. As for why we buy, again, we and partners own a portfolio of thousands of acres of mineral rights and royalty rights across the USA and we constantly add to this portfolio buy paying lump sum cash settlements to mineral owners so that we can spread risk. So, at this time, we need to add more East Texas mineral rights and royalty rights/NPRI. (You can sell NPRI -- non-participating royalty rights.) It's all about our spreading risk because, believe me, not every deal we buy makes us a profit. It's a risky business but we make it work by buying large numbers of deals. Shelby County, San Augustine County, Nacogdoches County, Angelina County and other parts of East Texas is just where we have a focus for awhile. We have bought and own mineral rights and royalties in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and other states.

Please call the number below if you wish to sell mineral rights or sell royalties. Selling gas rights or selling oil rights is easy because we do all of the work once your provide your oil and gas lease info. And remember... we are not just a mineral buyer in San Augustine County or a royalty buyer in Shelby County, you can sell royalty rights in many Texas counties.

There is a Contact Form to the right of this page that you can fill out with your info. Or, send a detailed message via email; see my email below. Please describe what you own and the location. Just give me a little writeup about what royalty rights or mineral rights you own. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address.

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