Friday, March 7, 2014

Selling Mineral Rights In Mississippi

Sometimes one has cash needs for various things in life. An option for landowners and mineral owners (some people only own mineral rights and no surface rights) is selling mineral rights. Mineral rights owners have the right to receive oil royalties and gas royalties from oil wells and/or gas wells drilled on their land or a drilling unit which is pooled with their land. This right has a cash value. It is a lump sum cash settlement for potential future royalties and may be a minor amount or a large amount if in an area with high potential for oil and gas production.

We buy mineral rights to add to our significant mineral portfolio in the United States. Over time, we have made this 'work,' meaning we're not 'in the red' overall because we buy a lot of properties to spread risk. Not every deal turns out good for us. And those lucky mineral owners came out smelling like a rose! It's a crapshoot. Even in large fields where a lot of wells are productive, often, the well does not produce as much as anticipated and we lose money on the purchase. On others, we do well. It works for us due to owning thousands of acres across many states. No particular deal will break us. So, the reverse of that is a mineral owner having one tract... that is having all your eggs in one basket. Some people choose to sell to take the sure thing -- cash. It's also possible, depending on size of the tract, for us to buy a portion of what one owns. You can sell and take the cash for the part you sell and gamble on the rest that it turns out good down the way.


We might be interested in buying your mineral rights in any part of Mississippi. If they are producing, meaning you are receiving oil royalties or gas royalties, you can sell oil royalties and we can definitely buy them. If non-producing, give us a call, as well, we might be interested. At this time, we are primarily interested in areas which have some potential for the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. Several oil companies are interested in the area and have acquired oil and gas leases and have drilled some wells -- Encana, Goodrich, Halcon, Sanchez, EOG, etc. This potential fairway lies in southwest Mississippi counties and we are primarily interested in Wilkinson County, Amite County and Pike County. Possibly a bit of southern Walthall County. Our focus at this time is for those who wish to sell Amite County MS mineral rights and those who wish to sell Wilkinson County, MS mineral rights. If you are interested in selling mineral rights in Mississippi, please give me a call, I'll be happy to work with you on it.

Another site with much information is this mineral buyer site and also this site about mineral rights and selling oil rights / selling gas rights.

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